CJC Fine Filter

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CJC Fine Filter

CJC™ Fine Filters

CJC™ Fine Filters are offline oil filtration systems with integrated circulating pumps for off-line installation. The filters are recognized around the world as highly efficient purification systems for applications involving hydraulic oil, lubrication oil, gear oil, quenching oil, phosphate esters and more.

CJC™ Fine Filters are ideal for controlling oil contamination levels for particles, water and degradation products (oxidation resin/sludge, varnish).

The CJC™ Depth Filters have a filtration degree of 3 microns absolute and a very large dirt-holding capacity.

CJC™ Fine Filters deliver measurable customer benefits: lower operation and maintenance costs, increased productivity, and maximum lifetime for system components, in-line filters and oil.

The modular filter units are built and sized to specific customer requirements - whether the oil volume is 2 litres or 200,000 litres.

Our Fine Filter product range covers:

HDU 15/12 Compact Offline Oil Filter
HDU 15/25
HDU 27/-
HDU 38/60-100
HDU 427/-
HDU 727/108
HDU Multistay
HTO HP 27/108
HP 27/-
HS 27/- Stainless
HPS 27/- Outdoor


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