CJC Vanish Removal Unit

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CJC Vanish Removal Unit

CJC Vanish Removal Unit 


The CJC™ Varnish Removal Unit, VRU is designed for an extraordinary efficient removal of soluble varnish from an oil. The VRU can be used for:  

Gas or steam turbines with a combined or separate lube and control oil system Base or peak loaded gas or steam turbines operating at low, medium or high oil temperatures 

Gas Turbine Compressors Highly stressed and hot running lube oil or hydraulic oil systems


No turbine trips or sticking valves due to varnish
Extends the lifetime of both oil, additives and components, e.g. bearings, valves, seals etc.
No need for system flushing and tank cleaning
MPC values at extreme low levels
More stable bearing temperature 

Reduction to Safety Level
The varnish removal unit will typically reduce your varnish level relatively fast and within weeks your oil should show an improved cleanliness. Depending on size and initial degree of contamination, most turbines should reach save MPC levels in less than 1-2 months of operation.

The hot oil is drawn from the lowest point of the system tank to the CJC™ Varnish Removal Unit by means of the transfer pump on the unit. The process inside the unit includes passing the oil through the efficient CJC™ Varnish Removal insert, VRi 27/27 specially designed for varnish removal in combination with the CJC™ Varnish Removal Unit. After cleaning, the oil is returned to your system.

Filtration Principles
While all CJC™ Offline Cellulose Filters work by utilizing the principle of polar attraction for retaining varnish, the CJC™Varnish Removal Unit takes it one step further. The optimized filtration process inside the VRU unit captures both dissolved and suspended soft contaminants from the oil. The unit is so effective that the oil is returned to the system tank - in only one pass - as almost completely varnish free oil.

The oil and the additives will continue to clean all system components in contact with lubricant until a completely varnish free system is reached. The CJC™ Varnish Removal Unit will not harm your additives in the oil.


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