CJC Desorber

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CJC Desorber

CJC™ Desorbers

CJC™ Desorbers are patented products designed to remove water from oiltypes which either bind and emulsify water or are high viscosity oil (up to ISO VG 1000). CJC™ Desorbers are ideal for use in applications in which water ingress is a continuous and significant problem, whether for lubrication oil, gear oil or hydraulic oil.

CJC™ Desorbers heat oil slightly before it meets a counter flow of cool air in the desorber housing. Air heated by the oil expands, drawing water from the oil. The subsequent air-cooling condenses the water and the dry air is re-used for removing water from incoming oil.

CJC™ Desorbers remove water from all kinds of oils effectively and reliably.  The results are measurable benefits that include fewer unscheduled production stops, increased system component lifetime, increased productivity and fewer oil changes.

The CJC™ Desorbers product range is flexible and scalable, suitable for oil systems containing only a few litres of oil as well as systems with up to 50,000 litres.
CJC™ Desorbers are well known for ensuring trouble-free operation of oil systems in steel mills, paper mills and more.

Our Desorber product range covers a.o.:

Desorber/Filter Unit
Removal of large amounts of water and particles from emulsified oils and from Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) / Biodegradable Oils
Desorber D10
Desorber D30
Desorber D40
Desorber D88


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